Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello Plateau

Recently, I have discovered that I am burning fewer calories during my workouts. When I compared my recent results to last month, I realized that despite doing the same routine with maximum effort, my average heart rate is slightly lower, which results in fewer calories burned. Two weeks before my high school reunion, I am reaching a serious plateau in my EMAO experience.

According to my research, most trainers agree that everyone is susceptible to hitting a plateau, a time when your body no longer responds to workouts in the same way because according to About Aerobics "your level of fitness has increased to the point that you need more challenges or difference exercises to increase the work of your muscles." There are many options to breaking through the plateau, but the best one in my opinion is to change my routine. Therefore, I began Jackie Warner's Power Circuit training this past Friday.

Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit TrainingAfter doing 20 minutes of cardio, you are supposed to complete an entire circuit routine in 30 minutes. Jackie swears that your total workout will last only 50 minutes, but here is the catch: a routine, which consists of numerous circuits, must be completed three times. Right! It took me approximately 30 minutes to finish "Routine A" ONE time. Between stopping to review the exercises and pausing to deal with the pain, I was too exhausted to do the same thing two more times. However, I have a new goal: work up to doing "Routine A" three times straight through as instructed and move quickly from one exercise to the next without stopping in order to keep my heart rate up.

I may have mastered P90X's strength training workouts (Yoga X still kicks my ass), but I have a long way to go before my body adapts to Jackie Warner's Power Circuits. With only two weeks left, I wonder how much of a difference it will make in my EMAO goals. Hmm ...

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