Tuesday, June 22, 2010

112 Pounds—An Unrealistic Expectation

When my husband Corey and my father realized that my target EMAO weight of 112 pounds was what I weighed at my wedding, they both balked. Dad said, "You were too skinny," and Corey commented, "Some people thought you were sick. Your back was scary." I remember a friend of mine told me that she had never seen my legs look that thin before, and the tone in her voice was of concern, not congratulations.

Perhaps I should have been offended, but I liked how slim I was on my wedding day (9/9/06). The strange thing about the way I looked is that I never tried to lose weight. For some reason, the summer prior to my wedding, the pounds melted off. The year before I had suffered from food allergies so I limited my wheat intake, but I didn't exercise at all. Not once. Most people attributed my body to the stress of planning the wedding, but it wasn't that difficult and it certainly doesn't compare to the stress of planning a high school reunion. The most likely explanation is that my thyroid medication was too high during that time; therefore, I was able to lose weight without trying.

As my EMAO experience draws to a close with my high school reunion this weekend, I wonder if my goal weight of 112 pounds was an unrealistic expectation. I haven't lost any weight since I began EMAO despite the variety of exercise, the amount of working out, and the dietary changes that I have incorporated into my life. I started at 118 pounds, and I imagine I will finish at or above that weight. I know six pounds doesn't seem like much, but at 5'2.5" tall, it makes a huge difference on my small frame.

Acting Goofy
Looking back at my wedding photos, I still don't think I was too skinny, and I wish it were that easy to be 112 pounds again. However, I know that I look good right now even if I don't like the number on the scale. I weigh today exactly what I weighed in high school, and I should be proud and satisfied with that achievement.

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