Friday, July 2, 2010

Workout Report: Days 85 – 90

WARNING: This week was sort of a joke. I don't know why I thought I would be able to exercise while I was packing for my trip, taking our pets to the vet, cleaning my house, traveling across the country, and attending reunion activities.

Monday, June 21
I did not work out today.

Tuesday, June 22
P90 X Cardio X
  • 45 minutes, 32 minutes in target zone
  • Average heart rate: 131bpm
  • 250 calories burned 
Wednesday, June 23
I spent most of today packing for my trip and cleaning the house for our pet/house sitter. Oh, I also saw my chiropractor, and our dog had an appointment with the vet.

Thursday, June 24
Today, I left Burbank at 2pm, and after many delays, I arrived at the historic Tutwiler Hotel in downtown Birmingham around 10:30pm. I just made it to the bar before it closed at 11. Thanks, Sarah!

Friday, June 25
I didn't plan to exercise today, but it was even more hectic than I expected. My husband arrived in Birmingham at 9am (love those red-eye flights), and he was very ill. I spent the day taking care of him; I don't even remember eating lunch.

Saturday, June 26Day 90REUNION!
I honestly thought I would do some yoga today before attending my reunion party. Instead, I was nursing a slight hangover after going to the Wine Loft, the Gable Square Saloon, the Rare Martini, and Formaggios the night before. I was also running on "near empty" with less than four hours of sleep.

Week 13 Results: June 21 – June 26
  • 1 workout day
  • 250 calories burned
AWW – XoXo

P.S. I will post the final EMAO results sooncomplete with "After" pictures. (I don't see much of an improvement.)


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