Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Chicken Wing Test

The one thing I don't stress too much about with regard to my body are my arms. Unlike my stomach, my arms are the last place I gain weight. Even at my heaviest, I passed the Chicken Wing Test (CWT).

The CWT contains two parts. First, extend your arms out as though you are an airplane. Then flap your arms up and down. Does your arm fat jiggle, or more specifically, do your triceps move? If so, how much? How defined are your triceps? Our First Lady shows off her fine arms because they are her most attractive physical feature; you will never see her in a super short skirt because I'm guessing her thighs are not as tight and toned are her triceps are. Smart woman.

The second part of the CWT requires you to flex one arm. Make sure that you are tightening your tricep, which usually takes more effort than just flexing your bicep. Use the hand on your free arm to pinch any loose skin that could benefit from some strength training. Don't purposefully pull skin away from your body. Anyone can do that! If you are in doubt, try flicking your tricep with your thumb and finger. Of course, you may be like Madonna and have no excess fat on your arms. If that is the case, then you definitely pass part the CWT with an A+.

If I am having a "fat" day, I do part one of the Chicken Wing Test because 1) it makes me feel better 'cause I don't have jiggly arms and 2) it makes me laugh because I look ridiculous. I can still pinch a tiny bit during part two of the test, but it doesn't bother me too much. I know my triceps are getting stronger every day; I can finally open a bottle of Snapple Iced Tea (the ones in the plastic bottles) without asking my husband for help or running the lid under hot water for five minutes. 

AWW – XoXo

P.S. For those morons who want to boycott Arizona due to its new immigration law, Arizona Iced Tea has always been brewed in New York!


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