Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Red Wine: No sugar, no fat, no problem

Although I am not "dieting" during my EMAO experiment, I am slowly changing some of my eating habits. As I explained in my Goodbye Girl Scout Cookies post, I threw away the sugary junk foods in our house. Since I used to refrain from drinking all alcohol four weeks prior to marathons (when I participated in them), I figured that I would have to do the same thing in order to gain the best possible EMAO results. I don't drink heavily, but I enjoy red wine and wine tasting at Vendome Wine and Spirits is one of my favorite activities to do with my husband and our friends. In fact, Costco is having a terrific sale right now on St. Francis RED, a consistent, solid, medium-bodied red blend, but I digress.

Of course I have read the research that states that red wine is good for you in moderation, but I still thought that it was "bad for me." Even though I know red wine contains less sugar than white wine, I assumed that the sugar content was much higher than it actually is. According to the USDA, a 3.5-ounce glass of red table wine contains:

    Wine Intro explains that the carbohydrates are probably another form of alcohol since the USDA cites "carbohydrate, by difference" meaning that the total carbs were calculated by subtracting all other ingredients.

    Does this enlightening news mean I will drink a glass of wine every day? Of course not. But I am thrilled that red wine has zero fat, minimal sugar, and as for the calories, well an excellent glass of vino is worth 87 grams of energy!

    AWW – XoXo

    P.S. For more information about wine, Wikipedia Wine is a good place to start; be sure to check out the numerous resources at the bottom of the page.


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