Saturday, March 27, 2010

Screw the Gym

You'll notice from my 10 Tools to Exercise Your Ass Off post that I don't recommend joining a gym. That's because I hate going to the gym. Hate it. I have paid for two gym memberships in my life, and both times, I wasted my money. I cannot get motivated to drive somewhere else to exercise when I can do it in my own home. Here are my reasons for saying screw the gym. I don't like:
  • Waiting for equipment—what a waste of time
  • Dealing with ogling men when I'm hot, sweaty, and gross—go away already!
  • Driving to the gym, trying to find parking, and then walking a few blocks—more time wasted
  • Showering in a strange environment—I need my loofah and personal bath products, thank you very much
    I acknowledge that it takes time to acquire the necessary equipment, but in the end, I have saved more money by working out at home. Of course, where you choose to exercise depends on your situation. However, I know a single mother who lost 15 pounds while she kept an eye on her toddler. She couldn't afford a babysitter or a gym membership so she bought some free weights and a jump rope. She exercised five hours per week (i.e., one hour per day) while her daughter watched her favorite show on television. Although she complained at first, her daughter became used to the sound of mommy's rope in the background. I think this mother's exercise plan was ingenious, and more importantly, she lost weight.

    While I do not have a child, I contend with a stubborn 185-pound Mastiff who doesn't appreciate it when I work out near his dinnertime, but he would rather have me at home than away at the gym. He often blocks my path, but I work around him. Besides, he knows when I say, "I'm almost finished" that his dinner is on its way!

    AWW – XoXo

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