Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prep Part 2—Legs and Back Can Bite Me

P90X Plus - Workout DVDAlthough my official EMAO plan doesn't begin until Monday, I decided to work out yesterday. I chose to do the P90X Legs and Back routine. Keep in mind that I haven't exercised in almost two weeks; yet, I selected a difficult, one-hour, killer leg and back workout that includes pull-ups, weights, and too many lunges to count. I also wore my new Skechers Shape-Ups to see how they felt.

Outcome: What the hell was I thinking? Seriously, I burned 384 calories, stayed in my target heart zone for 50 out of the 60 minutes of the workout, and at one point, my heart rate hit 171bpm (i.e., too high). I accomplished all of this misery by exercising in my living room, using little equipment, and avoiding my large dog (accidentally kicked him one time though). I recorded some of the exercises in the Fitlink widget located on my sidebar, but you cannot customize it so it is not indicative of everything I did yesterday. Maybe I should reconsider this crazy idea ...

Legs and Back Workout Results:
  • 60 minutes, 50 minutes in target zone
  • Average heart rate: 141bpm
  • 384 calories burned
  • Soreness factor: 7 (1 – 10, 10 meaning I cannot walk the next day)
  • Body parts that snapped, cracked or popped: hips, knees, ankles, elbows
AWW – XoXo

P.S. I'm still drinking that Slimquick stuff so I'll keep you posted. Don't think it's doing much though in terms of "appetite control."


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