Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prep Part 1

Today is part one of my prep for the Exercising My Ass Off (EMAO) experiment. Since it is late, I don't feel like posting my weight and measurements just yet, but I promise to do so later this week. Anyway, as part of my plan to "get in shape" to dazzle my classmates at my 20-year high school reunion, I started the Slimquick Appetite Control regimen this evening. I drank my pink lemonade flavored water approximately three hours before dinner. You are supposed to drink it 30 60 minutes prior to dinner so maybe that's why I got a horrible headache. Oh well. It tasted good, but my appetitite was not "suppressed." I still wanted and ate bread with my chicken breast stuffed with rice and vegetables covered with mushroom sauce along with my green salad and Italian dressing. Did I mention that I don't believe in counting calories? Hmm ...



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